Small Home Construction: Why You Need A Magnetic Ironing Mat And A Metal Fabricator

The average homeowner is seldom an interior design specialist. Thus, working with limited space during home construction is likely to be a challenge. An interior designer would probably charge you for their advice on how to make maximum use of the limited space available for your new home.

This article provides a reason why you might want to invest in a magnetic ironing mat and a metal fabrication service provider if you’re building a home on a small lot.

The Laundry Room

Many homeowners use ironing boards to deal with stubborn creases on their clothes. Many of such homeowners often have the luxury of a separate room where the ironing board goes alongside other laundry appliances. For those who don’t, ironing boards often end up occupying space in the living room, bedroom or some other place where they’re not really needed.

Because you’re working with limited space, it might be a good idea to replace your existing ironing board with a magnetic ironing blanket/mat. A magnetic blanket allows you to instantly transform any metallic surface (e.g. the top part of the washing machine) into an ironing board by simply placing the blanket on the specified surface. A magnetic ironing mat can allow you to have a much smaller laundry room or not to have a laundry room at all (e.g. if you install your washing machine in the kitchen).

The Stairs

The installation of stairs often uses up a significant amount of space in a new house. You can save some space by installing a spiral staircase, which is also a good way to add a bit of glamour to the small home. Steel would be a better choice of material for a spiral staircase as compared to wood because it has a greater structural strength.

A spiral staircase will have a steeper incline than a traditional staircase. This means that those using spiral stairs will exert more pressure on each stair as they ascend/descend. Because of the greater structural strength, a spiral staircase made of steel is less likely to give in to the pressure exerted on it by the weight of those going up or down the stairs.

In addition to this, steel spiral staircases are often fabricated and assembled at the workshop and then they’re delivered on your premises ready for installation. A steel staircase is therefore likely to be installed much faster than its wooden equivalent which might have to be assembled on the premises before installation. As if this is not enough, a metal fabricator might offer to install the staircase for free as an after-sales service.

Author: Milton Rogers

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