Industrial Hose? Here’s Why You Should Get A Hose Reel As Well

Hoses are widely used in the industrial sector for the transfer of media from one point to another. This includes different materials such as compressed air, water, special gases, lubricants, etc. Whatever medium your industrial hose is for, or whatever material they are made of, you should also consider getting a hose reel for them. And here’s why.

Reduce tripping accidents

It’s no secret that hoses make quite the mess when left tangled. The truth is, it can be quite a lot of work to fold them back after use. The longer the hose is, the harder this is. However, apart from being messy, tangled hoses are also quite the safety risk. Within a busy industrial work site, such hoses can pose a high tripping risk, a liability that can cost you greatly in terms of worker downtime, hiring of replacement staff and paying of medical bills. Hose reels, in turn, eliminate this risk by providing a safe and neat way to store hoses after use.

Prevent poor hose storage

When stored in the absence of a reel, industrial hoses come under risk of damage and premature wear. This is because there is no uniform order in the way they are folded and bound. Some parts might be twisted or pressed. With a reel, your hoses are rolled up uniformly and neatly around a barrel. Hoses rolled around a reel are also protected from third party damage, e.g. being stepped on. This ensures safe storage and prolongs the lifespan of your hoses.

Allow quick hose laying and folding

Another huge benefit of using hose reels is because they help save time. A reel allows your hoses to be laid out in record time, thus allowing multiple jobs to be carried out within close time spans. This is made possible through the rotating action of the reel drum. Some reels are operated manually via human action while others are self-retracting. These (the latter) are much faster and help to keep worker fatigue at a minimum.

Allow easy transportation of large hoses

Large hoses can weigh quite a lot. If the hoses are required in multiple locations around the site, they will need to be carried, and this can be tedious. Thankfully, hose reels come in portable versions too, i.e. reels that have wheels and can be pushed around the site. Such reels help to boost worker morale and reduce chances of worker injuries. They also help save time, especially on busy work sites where hoses are needed for multiple duties. 

When hiring your hose reel, ensure that it can accommodate the length and diameter of your industrial hoses; the larger the hose, the larger the reel required.

Author: Milton Rogers

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