5-Step Demolition Procedure

If you are looking to demolish a building, there are various procedures to be followed. While a professional will do the work for you, knowing what is involved can help you be prepared for what to expect. It can also help you make the service provider accountable during the process. For instance, you can make enquiries about certain procedures from a point of knowledge. A typical demolition job takes place in five steps documented below.

Safety Measures

This is the first step and it is very important, since it guarantees your safety as well as that of the professionals and other people. You should know that you could be liable for injuries that occur in your property during the demolition process. Therefore, it is important to ensure all the safety precautions are in place. The first thing to do is fencing off the site so that there are no trespassers. You could even have guards around the site for increased security since some people might take the chance to steal some of the scrap materials. The demolition professionals will then prepare for the actual work by installing scaffolding and covering the building with specialized covers to hold in rubble and projectiles from demolition explosions.

Anticipatory Dismantling

If the building you are demolishing is adjacent to another one, you need to separate it. The professionals will determine the length of separation so that your demolition does not interfere with the adjacent building. Other fixtures to be dismantled before the actual demolition include the balconies so that the fall is optimized. To prevent excessive vibrations from the explosions in the adjacent building, modifications can be made in the basement and ground floor.

Explosive Installation

Explosives are the way to go if you want to bring down the building quickly. The professionals will know the type of explosives they need after examining your building. They will also decide on where to install them so that the building falls in the desired manner.


This is the fourth stage of the demolition process. It involves timing the various explosions in a sequence that is likely to result in maximum impact. If properly planned, the explosions will achieve the result in a short time.

Handling and Recycling of Materials

The demolition debris needs to be moved into a recycling facility. Given the type and state of materials, you can earn some income selling the scrap metals and other items. There are various professionals in Australia who can offer the demolition service and who can also help in the transportation of the debris.

For more information, contact a local demolition company. 

Author: Milton Rogers

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